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Take a look at the various Testimonials I have been given: "A few years ago my youngest son was mauled by a Pitbull in our local playground. It was very disturbing for all the family but especially his big brother, who having witnessed the attack, developed a fear of dogs. I struggled with it for a couple of years, trying as best as I could to help him to get over his fear. But nothing worked. Until we met Nicky. She spent the afternoon with Bertie, and afterwards he was like a different child. He no longer flinched when a dog walked past him. He felt confident enough to stroke dogs and even hold their leads. We will always be grateful to Nicky for the help and encouragement she gave Bertie, and for the understanding she showed myself and Bertie’s little brother Maurice. She comes highly recommended. Claire, Bertie & Maurice." September 2011. "I asked for Nicky’s help a few months ago as we have a new four legged friend join our family and although we have always had dogs I didn’t know where to begin with Mabel. She had come from Cyprus, where she was saved by a passerby, found, strung up on railings with a rope around her neck. She then spent four months in a Cyprus dog pound and of course was subsequently terrified of everything and everyone. Nicky dealt with this situation brilliantly. She taught me how to work with Mabel to gain her trust and confidence, whilst also adding a code of behaviour that Mabel desperately needed. My heart was breaking for her and as a result, I was getting it all wrong. I will never forget Nicky walking in on our first session and saying “You and Mabel must get over Cyprus” and from there on in, Mabel and I and the rest of my family are on a happy, smooth ride. It’s all thanks to Nicky for her, loving, gentle, but firm expertise and wealth of knowledge. She taught me so much about the psychology of training a seriously traumatised dog and because of that, we now have an exuberantly happy Mabel." Thankyou Nicky from me and Mabel.
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